[[t]ˈnɛg ə tɪv[/t]] adj. n. adv. v. -tived, -tiv•ing, interj.
1) expressing or containing negation or denial:
a negative response to the question[/ex]
2) refusing consent, as to a proposal:
a negative reply to my request[/ex]
3) expressing refusal or resistance:
a negative attitude about cooperating[/ex]
4) cvb unfavorable:
negative criticism[/ex]
5) prohibitory, as a command or order
6) lacking positive attributes (opposed to positive):
a negative character[/ex]
7) lacking in constructiveness, helpfulness, optimism, or the like:
a negative approach to problem solving[/ex]
8) being without rewards, results, or effectiveness:
a search of the premises proved negative[/ex]
9) phs math. Math.
a) involving or noting subtraction; minus
b) measured or proceeding in the direction opposite to that which is considered as positive
10) pht Photog. noting an image in which the brightness values of the subject are reproduced so that the lightest areas are shown as the darkest
11) elm
a) of or pertaining to the electric charge of a body that has an excess of electrons
b) (of a point in a circuit) having lower potential, therefore drawing the flow of current
12) Med. failing to show a positive result in a diagnostic test
13) chem. Chem. (of an element or group) tending to gain electrons and become negatively charged; acid
14) phl Physiol. responding in a direction away from the stimulus
15) phs of, pertaining to, or noting the S pole of a magnet
16) pho logic (of a proposition) denying the truth of the predicate with regard to the subject
17) a negative statement, answer, word, gesture, etc.:
The ship signaled back a negative[/ex]
18) a refusal of assent:
to answer a request with a negative[/ex]
19) the negative form of statement
20) one or more persons arguing against a resolution, statement, etc., esp. a team in a formal debate
21) a negative quality or characteristic
22) cvb disadvantage; drawback:
a brilliant plan with only one negative[/ex]
23) math. Math.
a) a minus sign
b) a negative quantity or symbol
24) pht Photog. a negative image, as on a film, used chiefly for making positives
25) archaic a veto, or right of veto
26) cvb (used to indicate a negative response):
“You won't come with us?”“Negative.”[/ex]
27) to deny; contradict
28) to refute or disprove (something)
29) to refuse assent or consent to; veto
30) to neutralize or counteract
31) cvb (used to indicate disagreement, denial of permission, etc.)
Etymology: 1350–1400; ME negatif < MF < L negātīvus denying neg′a•tive•ly, adv.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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